December 26, 2002


December 24, 2002

The SAIS Galactic Guidebook has been updated. Two new creepy critters have been added to chapter three of It's Life But Not As We Know It. In this way, we, the makers of Strange Adventures in Infinite Space, wish to assure you all that our serious commitment to silly monsters continues unabated.

December 22, 2002

Twelve Games of Christmas Morn: One dozen games, each $20 or less is a helpful shopping list of games available at stocking stuffer prices, chosen and posted by the staff of OgreCave.com. We're honored to note that the roster includes two Cheapass Games -Diceland: Deep White Sea and Strange Adventures In Infinite Space. It's refreshing to be reminded that folks still value the notion that good things come in small packages. Thanks, guys!

December 11, 2002

Out of 73 entries, 10 finalists were selected for the last round of the Independent Games Festival competition. We're very pleased to announce that Strange Adventures In Infinite Space is among them, and made the finals roster.

We'll be attending the Game Developers Conference in San Jose, California, in March, to meet folks, demo the game and attend a nifty awards ceremony. It should be an insightful and educational experience, and a lot of fun. Meanwhile, be sure to stop in at Cheapass Games online to see what all of the fuss is about.

December 4, 2002

Just in from Cheapass Games: "Ones and Zeroes now 20% off! Plasmaworm and Strange Adventures In Infinite Space, the two Cheapass Computer Games, are on special sale this December only! Buy either game and get the other for $5 off. (That's a total price of $20 for both games.) Learn more about these great games before you buy them, at Digital Eel." Head over to Cheapass Games to take advantage of this cool offer!

November 28, 2002

Happy Thanksgiving! All of the folks (all three of us) at Digital Eel wish everyone a fun and safe holiday.

By the way, are you tired of the same old turkey and stuffing, year after year? Here's our serving suggestion for today's fellowship feast: Deep-roasted fuzzy lummox smothered in delicious crispy Clingons. Mmm, a festive treat that's almost too good to eat! Try it!

November 20, 2002

Emilio "Psychon" Gandin at BoltGames bestowed upon Strange Adventures In Infinite Space a respectable 8.2 score in his review yesterday. Emilio comments "The fact that the game can be completed in a matter of five to fifteen minutes yet remaining enjoyable to play over and over again, is incredible." Wow. I don't know about incredible, but that's what we were after. Thanks to Emilio and all at BoltGames for a great review, and by the way, the other half of the money will be delivered shortly.

November 17, 2002

Phosphorous' new art collection, Dimension13, is online with three eye-popping black marker illustrations (like the front page image on Phos' website) for starters and more to come. Are you ready to enter Dimension13? Let Phosphorous be your guide.

November 13, 2002

MOD REPORT: "Deep" Hunter Johnson has released three brand spankin' new mods for Strange Adventures in Infinite Space.

Renegade allows you to captain either a Zorg corvette, a Garthan light carrier or an Urluquai deep hunter (instead of the standard Terran explorer). - TRE, or Target Rich Environment, beefs up the ship counts and gives you even more stuff to blow up. - Q adds a mysterious [Text deleted. That would be telling.] to the game.

As far as we know, these are the first "official" unofficial mods created for SAIS. Many thanks from the Eel to "Deep" Hunter for his enthusiasm and creativity!

For updates and new stuff be sure to check out Hunter's SAIS page. If you would like to learn more about Hunter Johnson click here to read a short bio.

Note: Although we encourage mod-making and sharing add-ons on the internet, we cannot offer technical support for them. If you ever have questions or comments about a particular mod you are playing, please contact the person who created it. Mod-makers want to hear your feedback.

November 13, 2002

Do It Yourself Games posted a neat review of Strange Adventures In Infinite Space on Monday. In his critique, reviewer Gregory Micek raves about the game's sfx and music, and comments that SAIS is "one of those games that sits on your hard drive forever." I can't think of a more gratifying compliment to receive. Our thanks to Gregory and all at Do It Yourself Games.

November 6, 2002

Music to soothe the savage cyborg...

If you're interested in experimental game music head over to MP3.com and check out The Plasmaworm Collection. The twelve sound collages in this set represent half of the background music tracks from Plasmaworm, our disturbingly addictive worm game. All of these tracks were composed and mixed using the Plasmaworm music editor developed for and included with the game.

November 5, 2002

Good news, especially for those of you who have patiently waited: You can now purchase Strange Adventures In Infinite Space as a direct download through the Digibuy secure e-commerce system, and for the same frighteningly low price of $15US.

Just think... Click here now and you could be exploring Sector Prime in its entirety within minutes of reading this notice. How can you resist? You can't! I'm beaming "I must buy Strange Adventures" messages through your monitor and into your brain even as you are reading this sentence.

Please note: The snazzy CD version of Strange Adventures In Infinite Space, with the nifty CD art and extra goodies, is still and always available at Cheapass Games. Click here for more information, and to purchase. -If you're like me, you want something you can hold on to, literally, and besides, there is no better archive than a CD...At least until Kryzmax releases their new Sense-ola Multimedia Nobule sometime next year.

October 26, 2002

You can now download the SAIS v1.3 Patch. This patch is for the full (CD) version of Strange Adventures In Infinite Space and won't work with the free demo. It includes the following changes:

  • Added a tutorial mode to help beginning players.
  • Added a "Launcher" front end for selecting mods.
  • Star map view will now display modified player ship sprites.
  • Some changes in fighter AI.
  • Fixed a bug in sprite loading that wouldn't load some .tga's.
  • Fixed a potential memory leak in game uninitialization.
  • Go to the Strange Adventures Files Page for more information.

    October 24, 2002

    Dungeon Crawler Magazine editor Scott Bolderson awarded Strange Adventures In Infinite Space a generous four and a half stars in his September review. Scott says that "this game oozes fun." I guess he means that playing SAIS is like eating a s'more. When you bite into it, it sticks to your face. Thanks Scott and all at DCM!

    October 17, 2002

    Digital Eel presents: Phosphorous, artist, psychic force and professional dreamer. Okay, so who is Phosphorous? Phos is the recondite creator of the Digital Eel logo, the Plasmaworm and SAIS splash screens, and most of the sundry humans, aliens and robots which inhabit the universe of Infinite Space. Here's the scoop: Phosphorous' website has been updated with 9 new images to ravish your retinae and satisfy your visual addiction. Stop in and have a look see but watch out for the Chaos Weevilz!

    October 12, 2002

    If you like free web music, be sure to give Zdim's Midsummer Night Tales a listen at MP3.com. MNT is a 14 song retro synthesizer smorgasbord which features the remarkable sounds of the legendary Roland RAP-10 synthesizer card. MNT was salvaged from a lost collection of midi compositions created in 1995 on a Pentium 133 PC. Whether you like musical saws, Gamelan, Whoopee John or gas music from Jupiter, there's bound to be a Midsummer Night Tale in this collection for you.

    October 10, 2002

    Part two of the Digital Eel interview by Mohamed "Falcon" Awad and Jeff Dalton has just been posted at CanadianGamer. Chuckle and guffaw as we turn the tables on Falcon and Jeff by threatening them with Tchorak acid glob guns and demanding to see their leader.

    September 28, 2002

    The SAIS Galactic Guidebook has been updated with a new index page and a brand new chapter: How To Play Strange Adventures In Infinite Space. No strange lifeforms this time. "How To Play" is a short informative tutorial for novice players.

    September 25, 2002

    Want to learn Phosphorous' pyramid hat size? Ever wonder what Iikka's favorite Finnish tongue-twister is? Is it true that Rich consorts with the spirit world on a weekly basis? You won't learn the answers to these and other burning questions by reading the Digital Eel interview (part one) by Mohamed "Falcon" Awad and Jeff Dalton for CanadianGamer, but you will learn the answers to some nifty questions that they made up.

    September 14, 2002

    O Canada! In his recent review, Jeff Dalton at CanadianGamer awarded Strange Adventures in Infinite Space the very nifty rating of 85%. Since both Dungeon Siege and Neverwinter Nights got an 84% rating, we think that score is pretty darn cool for a game that only costs fifteen bucks. Thanks to Jeff and all at CanadianGamer!

    September 13, 2002

    The SAIS Galactic Guidebook has been updated. Two more strange monsters have been added to chapter two, It's Life But Not As We Know It, all but proving that your Strange Adventures in Infinite Space are probably even stranger than you think.

    August 22, 2002

    keef at DeadAlfs somehow managed to avoid writhing YK death-beams long enough to log a thorough and very flattering review of Strange Adventures in Infinite Space v1.2 before being annihilated by a singularity torpedo.

    August 18, 2002

    Enkidu at Frictionless Insight managed to survive the perils of the Purple Void long enough to log an informative critique of Strange Adventures in Infinite Space v1.2. Recommended reading for those of you who are wondering what SAIS is all about. Enkidu "gets it." We hope you will too!

    July 22, 2002

    Two new reviews! Scott C., at NeedCoffee.com, finds Strange Adventures In Infinite Space "irresistible." Adman, at Australian GameZone, advises people who like exploration games to take a look. Either way, we couldn't agree more. Thanks Scott C. and Adman!

    July 18, 2002

    PC Gameworld has posted a review of Strange Adventures In Infinite Space, awarding it a....But that would be telling. Thanks to all at www.pcgameworld.com!

    July 17, 2002

    You can now download the SAIS v1.2 Patch. This patch is for the full (CD) version of Strange Adventures In Infinite Space and won't work with the free demo. It includes the following changes:

  • Added a mod browser and two example mods (flakgun and eelfarm).
  • Added sprite frame loading capability.
  • Moved most of the text into strings.ini file for modifiability.
  • Slightly changed damage model for micrometeorite gun.
  • Changed combat movement to allow drifting with broken thrusters.
  • Fixed occasional duplicated enemy fleets.
  • Fixed a crash bug involving fighters with beam weapons.
  • Go to the Strange Adventures Files Page for more information.

    July 16, 2002

    We got our hands on a couple of Planetary wall clocks and Tentacular T-shirts from the CafePress site. The clocks are okay, but the t-shirts, wow! Very nifty, so if you've got the scratch, go see the tiger. Note: A full report on the Zorg mouse pads will be posted as soon as we actually get one. Har har. And remember, we don't make any moola on this, folks. It's just a cash cow for CafePress. We do it just because we like t-shirts and stuff.

    July 9, 2002

    The SAIS Galactic Guidebook has been updated with a new chapter titled It's Life But Not As We Know It. Do you want to learn why a Tentacular Tiger has no ears? Do you need to know the mating habits of a Fuzzy Lummox? Well, of course you do.

    July 4, 2002

    Happy 4th of July!

    We're now selling some Strange Adventures in Infinite Space merchandise at the CafePress site. You can get Tentacular T-shirts, Zorg mouse pads and a very cool looking (and cheap) Planetary wall clock. Of course, we haven't got them for ourselves yet so we don't know exactly what they'll be like. Plasmaworm mouse pads turned out really nice, though.

    (In case you were wondering, the prices are again set to the absolute minimum. This only covers the cost of manufacturing, so all the money you pay will go to Cafepress rather than us.)

    July 3, 2002

    The Entertainment Depot has just posted a nice review of Strange Adventures in Infinite Space. They call it "a great way to see the galaxy, kill a few aliens, and discover a few bizarre intergalactic artifacts, all before your coffee break’s up"

    Itay's SAIS fan page has posted some new goodies for Strange Adventures and Plasmaworm, including a basic list of SAIS weapon stats.

    June 30, 2002

    Four new desktop images have been added to the Strange Adventures download page. One of them is a very cool piece of all-new artwork from Phosphorous. The previously posted Glory System diagram has also been resized to standard desktop proportions.

    We're also currently working on a new patch that will fix a couple of bugs and add better handling of user-made modifications. This new version will be used in the next batch of CD's as well.

    May 17, 2002

    Catching up to SAIS happenings... The Strange Adventures website now has a couple more desktop images on the Files page. One is a projection of the Glory star system and the other is a display of an Urluquai starship.

    In other news, Rich Carlson has written a "Post Mortem" for Gamespy.com describing the origins and development of SAIS. It includes the only released screenshot of what was going to be the Infinite Space 4X strategy game.

    May 4, 2002

    The SAIS Galactic Guidebook launches! The first chapter is a combat strategy guide with tactical tips for each of the enemy races you will meet in a game of Strange Adventures In Infinite Space.

    WARNING: The Galactic Guidebook may contain spoilers.

    April 28, 2002

    You can now download the SAIS v1.1 Patch. This patch is for the full (CD) version of Strange Adventures In Infinite Space and won't work with the free demo. It includes the following changes:

  • Added a magnifier lens for greater accessibility.
  • Added an optional large trading screen.
  • Sardion optimizer now replaces your combat computer.
  • Starmap now defaults to player ship after finding a new ally.
  • Fixed "hunt" and "hire" buttons appearing when they shouldn't.
  • Fixed a bug when fleeing from combat without a star drive.
  • Fixed AI behavior if player is cloaked in the first combat.
  • Minor changes in various bits of text.
  • Go to the Strange Adventures Files Page for more information.

    April 14, 2002

    There's a new FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page up on the Strange Adventures in Infinite Space website, with answers to questions someone just might ask some day.

    Also, Itay Shahar has made a SAIS fan site! This is a great page, but be forewarned it contains many spoilers and other information that you may want to discover for yourself while playing the game.

    Related to the news bit below, we're looking for a file hosting service to host all our downloads. The host we were setting up our download server on basically "took our money and ran". So if you know (or work for) a place that can deal with about a gig of files and 30G/month transfers without costing a fortune, let us know!

    March 18, 2002

    We are experiencing technical difficulties with the server where we keep our file downloads (such as the SAIS demo). To make it possible to download the demo, it is now stored on the same server as this website. Please use the alternative download links in order to avoid bogging down this site.

    March 15, 2002

    Strange Adventures In Infinite Space has been released! Buy it now from Cheapass Games website!

    March 3, 2002

    Strange Adventures In Infinite Space is now available for preorder at Cheapass Games website!

    February 3, 2002

    Check out our new website design! It should now be much faster and easier to navigate. Just click on the GAMES button above to go to the Games Page where you can find Plasmaworm and our newest project, Strange Adventures In Infinite Space. Or click on LINKS to find all kinds of groovy websites.

    February 2, 2002

    The Strange Adventures In Infinite Space website was launched today, along with a demo of the game. Don't wait, download your copy today!

    The full version of Strange Adventures will be available on CD-ROM ($15 US) exclusively at Cheapass Games, in March 2002.

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