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+ New! Get Weird Worlds on Google Play here (Android) or from the App Store here (iPhone/iPad).
+ Protagon, our snazzy VR game, is now available on itch.io!
+ Strange Adventures in Infinite Space is back for Linux, macOS and Windows!
+ Goblin Slayer Third Edition our smashing board game of goblins, heroes, magic and combat underground.
+ Protagon update to v1.10. Check out the Steam page for details here.
+ Check out Vintage Strains, stream or download DRM-free, and take a musical mystery tour!
+ Check out Looking for the Old Kraken, free to download and share, and blow your mind!
+ The Protagon Theme by Sotiris Gougousis is free to download and share!
+ Protagon (VR pinball mini golf in zero G) is here!
+ Infinite Space Battle Poker (favorite card game of Prince Arcturus) is here!
+ PAIRS: Infinite Space, based on Cheapass Games's popular pub card game, is here!
+ Refresh your games! Sea of Stars has been updated to version 1.1.2. DRM-free Win version users can download a v1.x.0-v1.1.2 patch HERE!
+ Infinite Space III: Sea of Stars arrives HERE, HERE and HERE!
+ Get Eat Electric Death! from Print & Play Productions
+ Digital Eel's 10th Anniversary Gallery

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Sea of Stars Original Soundtrack from STEAM
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Official Weird Worlds site
What people are saying about Weird Worlds
Weird Worlds Modmaker's Guide to the Galaxy
Weird Worlds: The Single (Free music!)
Weird Worlds: The Soundtrack (More free music!)
The Starship Damocles

Data Jammers: FastForward: Prowl twisting bitstreams amidst bizarre geometrical environments enhanced by otherworldly soundscapes. Infiltrate Ouroboros, crash the system and save the world!
What people are saying about Data Jammers
Data Jammers Gameplay Video
New music! Data Jammers: FastForward Tracks

Brainpipe via Desura
Brainpipe Gameplay Video
What people are saying about Brainpipe


Goblin Slayer Boardgame Page (Free!)
BoardGameGeek Goblin Slayer Entry

Strange Adventures In Infinite Space (Free!)
SAIS Galactic Guidebook
SAIS Source Code

Mac OSX Boiler Plate Special Compilation CD
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