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In the 22nd century, colony ships were programmed to search for earthlike planets along trajectories calculated to visit stars with the best likelihood of habitable worlds. One such ship with its crew and passengers in cryostasis traveled over 2300 light years before a suitable planet was found.

Hope is a temperate world located in the Glory system on the edge of a vast nebula often referred to as the Purple Void. The nebula is unique in that it contains many unusual star types and other peculiar phenomena.

Over 100 years have passed since the colonists first arrived. It is a new beginning of deep space exploration. Technology has improved and mankind is no longer dependent on slow cryoships and robot probes. This is the setting of Strange Adventures In Infinite Space.

Sail the high sea of stars in your own deep space exploration vessel. Discover exotic star systems; seek out new technologies, artifacts and lifeforms; boldly blow up stuff where no one has blown up stuff before!

SAIS is a roguelike, which means that the game is different every time it is played. Stars, planets, black holes, nebula mass, alien patrols, items, lifeforms and other encounters are randomized for each new Strange Adventure.

  • Playing time: 5-20 minutes
  • Number of players: solo
  • Difficulty: variable
  • Replayability: infinite
  • The full version of SAIS features:

  • 21 different ship types
  • 69 different weapons, drives, shields, gadgets and artifacts
  • 18 alien lifeforms
  • 17 different planet and star types
  • 7 unique alien races
  • Minimum system requirements:

  • Pentium II 350MHz (600MHz or better recommended)
  • 32M RAM (64M or more recommended)
  • Windows 95/98 or ME
  • DirectX 6
  • DirectX compatible video card capable of 640x480 resolution
  • DirectX compatible sound card
  • 16M of free hard drive space
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    Strange Adventures in Infinite Space is still available on CD-ROM via Paizo for a ridiculously low price. Click here to order. This retail version of Strange Adventures includes snazzy CD art and free extras on the disk.

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    The SAIS Mac, PC, Palm and Pocket PC demos are available here.

    Strange Adventures was created by Digital Eel

    Rich Carlson: Design, Sound, Art
    Iikka Keranen: Design, Code, Art
    Phosphorous: Art
    Ed Zavada: Mac Port

    Fearless Testers

    James Ernest, Chris Laskowski, Kevin Matheny, Duncan McPherson, Joe Pallai, Richard Rouse III, John Slade, James Sterrett, Brian Uhrig, Thom Wetzel

    Moral Support

    Sarinee Achavanuntakul, John Bye, Drew Cady, Rasmus Ekman, James Fudge, John Keefer, Joerg Stelkens

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    Digital Eel

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    Strange Adventures in Infinite Space - Copyright 2001-2017 R. Carlson, I. Keranen and Phosphorous