Digital Eel GDC Mystery Tour 2005
Roll up with Digital Eel on the road!

Absolutely Free

Iikka & Phos: Ready to Roll

Would you stay here? We did.

Man Jim in the Wilderness

Digital Eel and a Big Darn Head

A Real Troll Posed for This

Rich is Confused

2005 GDC in San Francisco, CA

Thomas & Zoe & Rich, Oh My!

Independent Games Festival Area

Phosphorous at the IGF Partay

They Can't Get In

The Man in Black


Jim, Aid-de-camp

Rich Wants to Play Choo Choo

Days Inn, Larkin & Geary

Skyscrapers and Everything

Skyscrapers and Everything II

The Amazing Michael Masley

Michael's Cymbalom

Those Krazy Gish Guys!

Squirrel & Phos

Kyle from Frictionless Insight

California From a Car Window

Castle Crags

The Eel River

Next Stop: San Francisco

The Golden Gate Bridge

Napa Valley

On the Road Near Weed, CA

Mt. Shasta: North View

Mt. Shasta: South View

Mt. Shasta: Summit

2005 March

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All images are copyright 2005 by Rich Carlson, Iikka Keranen, Phosphorous and Digital Eel