Digital Eel's 10th Anniversary Gallery
2001 - 2011

Slices of Digital Eel Mystery History with Friends Along the Way
Thanks to Bill & Glenda, Brian, Chris, Drew, Ernest, Iikka &
Rose, Jim, Michael, Thomas & Zoe, Two Scoops & Wylder!

Phos, Iikka, Rich & Blue Joker

It All Started with a Worm

The Path to Success

They Only Want to Examine Us

Digital Eel HQ (We Wish)

The Green Hills of Earth

Eel Pod 1 Tanks Up

The Pearly Gates

Extraterrestrial Glyph

Strange Adventures at the IGF

Stiff Competition

Misty Morning in Northern CA

Shasta, North View

Shasta, South View

Trees of Mystery

Paul & Babe, Actual Size

Elk in the Valley

Two Big Chiefs

Dr. Blob's...Blob

Squirrel & Phos

Thomas, Zoe & Rich

Table #8 at the IGF

An IGF Double Award Win

James's DBO Hi-Score Award

Ready to Pounce

Note the Big Feet

Game Brain Insane

Iikka & Phosphorous

Jim, Intrepid Scout

Even Our Heads Aren't This Big



Artist General Michael Masley

Glenda'a Cranes

Beach Debris

Pacific Beach, Northern CA

Ol' Red Eyes is Back

Phos, Rich & Chris at the IGF

Glenda, Rich & Chris at the IGF

Alien Aurora

Ringed Planetoid

Packed with Fun and Thrills!

Rich & Phos at the IGF

On the Road Again

Weed & Shasta


Lookout Frogs & Friend

Rogue Emu

Quest Meister

Phosphorous Flies Again

Blue Joker at the Beach

Oregon Caves Tourist Route

Oregon Caves

Big Box of Blox

Phosphorous Arrives

Iikka and the Golden Gate

Tourist Rich

Phos & Rich Find a Gnome's Hole

Castle Crags

Punch it, Dr. Blob!

Dark Matter Office Building


Chris, Rich & Wylder in Trinidad

Two Scoops Plays Moon Music

Iikka Plays a Martian Tune

Iikka in the Finnish Army




Buckminster & Jinx




If You're Goin' to San Francisco...

Golden Gate

Into San Francisco

Moscone Center, San Francisco

Ed Z, the 4th Eel

The Game That Should Not Be!

Brainpipe Changed Little Billy!

Take the Plunge

By the Way...

Navigating a Brainpipe

Navigating a Brainpipe

Iikka Explains the Game

Another Victim Takes the Plunge

Zoe, Thomas, Drew & Ernest

Digital Eel at the IGF

Phos Loves You This Much

How to Design a Game

Raiders of the Social Network

A Day at the Beach

Celebrate Strangely

Toad Hall

Toad Hall, Phosphorous's Abode

Toad Hall

Fry You Like a &#@%$ Ham

What's a Snailopus?

Wedding Day

Rose & Iikka

Rare DBO Button

Rare Strange Adventures Button

Rare Weird Worlds Button

Rare Weird Worlds Button

Gas Garden Vacation Spot

Infinite Space Spin-Off

Soundtracks & Soundscapes

Void Probe Soundscape

Digital Eel HQ (We Wish)

Iikka at the Mauna Kea Summit

No One is Safe

Brainpipe on the ACMI Wall

This isn't science. It's more like black magic.

Posted on July 20, 2011 by Rich Carlson