Lord Fomax, the director of propaganda, guerrilla marketing and assassinations, has gathered intelligence data from various sources to assess the impact of SAIS on the unsuspecting public.

"This game is a rare gem."
- Scott R Krol, PC Gameworld

"...engaging and tasty."
- Tom Chick, GameSpy

"The ultimate pickup game."
- Matt Gallant, Gizmodo

"SAIS delivers on all counts."
- James Sterrett, Games Domain

"They've created a perfect short game."
- Ernest Adams, Gamasutra

"....the most addictive game since NetHack."
- Charlotte Rychlik-Prince, Puppy Games

"....an existential height of great re-playability and meaning."
- Steve Fulton, GamerDad

"Digital-Eel did a kick ass job."
- James "Prophet" Fudge, Voodoo Extreme

"Great in its simplicity, rich with variety, SAIS has a wonderful gameplay formula."
- Kit Pierce, MacGamer

"It seems to me that SAIS is a perfect example of Trip Hawkins' old maxim: simple, hot, and deep."
- Ernest Adams, Gamasutra

"...this game oozes fun."
- Scott Bolderson, Dungeon Crawler Magazine

"Classic stuff."
- keef, DeadAlfs

"...possibly the best game you have never heard of."
- John Breeden II, Game Industry News

"...Strange Adventures in Infinite Space is irresistible."
- Scott C., NeedCoffee.com

"If you're a fan of exploration games, Strange Adventures in Infinite Space is
for you!"
- Adman, Australian GameZone

"...find out what Star Control 3 really should have been, but wasn't. Two
thumbs up..."
- Sarinee Achavanuntakul, The Underdogs

"...(SAIS) manages to ooze the type of addictive gameplay that is so sparse or missing from todays games..."
- keef, DeadAlfs

"The sound effects themselves are absolutely perfect. From the haunting melody of deep space whales to the meaty thud of explosive shells leaving the barrels of your chain guns..."
- Gregory Micek, Do It Yourself Games

"The sound effects and little loops are funny, catchy, clever, and cool. Everything that needs a sound has a sound, and they gel together perfectly. In fact this may be one of the few games where I've been more impressed by the sound than the graphics."
- Charlotte Rychlik-Prince, Puppy Games

"....the interface is well designed and simple, and the music and sound are excellent."
- Kit Pierce, MacGamer

"...the best thing about the game, and the first thing I noticed about it, even before I was impressed by the variety, was how easy it was to learn and play."
- RPG News

"The learning curve for getting into the game takes about 47 seconds and then it's all delving into the intricacies of this dainty little gem."
- Shaolin Wooden Men

"It's a coffee break game. A game you can pick up on your portable on the train or quickly slam on while on the phone to someone you'd really rather not be talking to. Yes, I have done that! "
- keef, DeadAlfs

"Strange Adventures in Infinite Space is simplicity at its best."
- Kevin Parrish, Invisible Dream

"SAIS is an aural and visual treat. The 2D graphics have a beautiful, unique style to them, and convey the game to you simply and attractively. It takes all of 2 minutes to forget all the advances in 3D technology and become immersed."
- Charlotte Rychlik-Prince, Puppy Games

"...the artistic design of the game is absolutely perfect."
- Gregory Micek, Do It Yourself Games

"The adventures in SAIS may be strange, but they are wonderfully entertaining and thoroughly addictive."
- James Sterrett, Games Domain

"If you want to explore the known universe but have only about 15 minutes to spare, this is the title for you."
- John Breeden II, WashingtonPost.com

"...rest assured that you will get enough fun out of this little gem..."
- Falcon, IanStorm

"The fact that the game can be completed in a matter of five to fifteen minutes yet remaining enjoyable to play over and over again, is incredible."
- Emilio "Psychon" Gandin, BoltGames

"I've probably played the game 150 times and still haven't seen everything..."
- Shaolin Wooden Men

"Strange Adventures is an addictive little game much like Bejeweled or Tetris, but instead of being a puzzle, it's a little adventure that you can lose yourself in for a few minutes at a time."
- Bruce Geryk, GameSpot PC

"SAIS offers incredible replayability and, at $15, is the best value for money of anything I've seen in years."
- Ernest Adams, Gamasutra

"The best part about the game is that you can get an incredibly fun title for the money you find inside your couch, well, my couch anyway..."
- John Breeden II, Game Industry News

"It only costs $15 too, around eleven of your good old English pounds guv, which for the amount I've played it represents obscenely good value for
money. "
- keef, DeadAlfs

"For $15, it's a great buy that will end up being one of those games you keep running in the background and fire up for a while when you need a break."
- Bruce Geryk, GameSpot PC

"I'd just like to say that I have been playing far more Strange Adventures in Infinite Space than is healthy today. If you don't want your time sucked up like ground ecstasy at a swingers' convention, please stay away from this title."
- Allan Sugarbaker, OgreCave.com

"....the designers at Digital Eel seem to be thumbing their noses at the establishment, and doing things their own fresh and independent way."
- Steve Fulton, GamerDad

Strange Adventures in Infinite Space - Copyright 2001-2002 R. Carlson, I. Keranen and Phosphorous