V1.5 full version/demo (11 November 2005)

Now that Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space is available from Desura, Steam, iPad and Android, Digital Eel is pleased to announce the release of the Strange Adventures in Infinite Space source code! The source is available under the ever-popular GNU General Public License. Note that the license does not extend to the graphics, sound content etc.

While the main intent of this release is to allow SAIS mod makers to create more advanced modifications and thus add value to the game for those who have purchased it, this code may be useful for other purposes such as education or entertainment (yes, you may point at my code and laugh). You could also create your own games by replacing all the graphics and sound files. Selling derivatives of the source code for profit is fine as long as you in turn release your source code under the same license; but selling our art assets is not fine.

The code has been converted to use SDL libraries (under GNU Lesser General Public License) instead of DirectX so it should be fairly straightforward to get it to run under Linux etc. There's a win32 MSVC6 project file included, as well as a copy of the free demo so you can actually run the executables you make (The source can be used to build executables for both the demo and the full game).

I apologize in advance for the code being generally a mess; it's what one might call an "early work" (my second win32 app)! Anyway, have fun digging around. Don't email us for help (try the ISF modding forums instead), but if you make a cool mod or something interesting, let us know!

-Iikka Keränen

Download: SAIS Source Code and Free Demo (5.2M)

Strange Adventures in Infinite Space - Copyright 2001-2002 R. Carlson, I. Keranen and Phosphorous