Dr. Blob's Organism Preview

Even as Cheapass Games and Digital Eel prepare to unleash Dr. Blob's Organism upon unsuspecting gamers, Dr. Blob toils in his mystery kitchen. He's brewing giant protozoans again -they must be destroyed!

Dr. Blob's Organism is a solo PC arcade game which puts the player in the petri dish, so to speak, to do battle with a terrifying collection of belligerent blobs.

To learn more about Dr. Blob's Organism, and to find out when the demo and full cd versions will be released, be sure to use the links provided on this page -and stay tuned.

Splash Screen

Angry Organisms

Electric Eggs

Blobs on the Loose

Shock Waves


The official Dr. Blob's Organism website will be online by May 19th, 2003.

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