Though the full version is now free, you can still download the Dr. Blob's Organism DEMO here. Check out the gameplay and get comfortable with the simple controls. Eliminate a stationary organism and then grapple with a reactive organism that moves! You'll learn the basics so you'll be prepared for the onslaught of organisms, and features, available in the full version!

Download: organism_demo.exe (PC - 6.5MB)
Download: Install-Blob-Demo.pkg.sit (Mac OS X - 6.8MB)


Direct to you from the Mystery Kitchen: The Dr. Blob's Organism PC v1.1 update has been released! This patch adds a new streamlined menu system, a handy windowed mode option, a few minor gfx tweaks and *drum roll* mouse support! (Hooray!) Btw, if you like Dr. Blob's Organism v1.0 the way it is, you don't really need this update -but if you want to blast blobs the modern way (wink), get it here:

Download: organism_v11_patch.exe (PC - 90KB)

Please note that this update is for the v1.0 CDROM and Digibuy versions of Dr. Blob's Organism ONLY! (If your CDROM or Digibuy version doesn't say "v1.1" in the lower left hand corner of the main menu screen, apply the patch.)


Step right up bio-obliterators and future glob stompers. Get your official Dr. Blob's Organism desktop images here! Remember, only official Digital Eel wallpapers can give you that "Haha, I found a new desktop image that nobody else has" feeling, so accept no substitutes. Only the Eel is real.

Click to view full size .jpg.
Hangin' Out Blob by Phosphorous
Download .bmp format image here. (815KB)


To mark the release of Dr. Blob's Organism we've decided to make something special available for free. Now you can download a cool alternate mix of the full length version of Mystery Track 13, a bombastic music track which accompanies one of the tougher levels in the game. Drop this beast in your playlist and you're sure to get a reaction.

Click here to download Mystery Track 13.

Note: The real name of this track has been changed to protect the innocent...blobs. Also note that this .mp3 version has been aurally fuzzinized for your listening pleasure.

If you really want to groove with the glob, as those wacky molecular biologists say, click on the links below to download musical excerpts from the Dr. Blob's Organism demo. (.mp3 format)

Temple of the Maker (DBO theme)
I Was a Teenage Haircut
Send in the Pods
These selections are also included in the full version of Dr. Blob's Organism along with 18 more (including "Mystery Track 13"). Yow, that's like lots!

Be sure to check out the Doctor Fun Blobs page
for the best blob-friendly cartoons in the multiverse!

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All content, music and images copyright 2003 R. Carlson, I. Keränen and Phosphorous