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Plasmaworm is a very easy to play (but hard to master) arcade game for all ages. It's a modern relative of early computer games such as Snake, Nibbles, TRON Light Cycles and a little known classic called Pizza Worm.

Here are a few of Plasmaworm's features:

  • 360 degree worm movement
  • powerups
  • monsters and bosses
  • special zones
  • mazes of increasing difficulty
  • difficulty modes
  • completely different worms in two player player mode
  • single, cooperative and duel (deathmatch) play modes
  • 20 hypnotic swirling psychedelic plasma backgrounds
  • 25 unique ambient music tracks in stereo
  • unique game sound fx in stereo
  • create, save and share user-created levels, music and/or plasma with easy to use built in editors
  • cosmic ducks

The full game costs $10, is distributed by Cheapass Games and includes 20 different levels of increasing difficulty. The Plasmaworm demo is free, fits on a single floppy disk and features 4 challenging levels.

Plasmaworm was designed by Richard Carlson, Iikka Keranen and Phosphorous, sometimes referred to as Digital Eel. It is distributed by Cheapass Games. The latest version of Plasmaworm is 1.0.

The Plasmaworm demo is available at the official website:

The CD full version of Plasmaworm will be available soon from Cheapass Games. It debuted at Gen Con 2001 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and sold out. The full version may also be purchased online at the Plasmaworm official site.

Cheapass Games:

Official Plasmaworm website:

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Who are these guys?

Rich Carlson designs games, plays the piano and maintains several game-related websites. He has designed level architecture for 3D action games and worked for nifty game companies like Looking Glass Studios and Ion Storm. An experienced musician, Rich was at various times a songwriter, arranger, performer and sound engineer in the Minneapolis area for over twenty years. Rich lives in Kirkland, Washington.

Iikka Keranen currently works for Valve Software as level designer. He has created 3D architecture and textures for many top shelf computer games including Daikatana, Anachronox, Thief 2: The Metal Age and Alice. Iikka is an artist, a 3D modeler and a dedicated programmer. He created Airquake, one of the most popular Quake mods, as well as over a hundred free add-on levels for Doom and Quake. Additionally, he programmed several freeware games for the Commodore Amiga. Iikka lives in Kirkland, Washington.

Phosphorous prefers to be anonymous. When asked about his role as a Digital Eel collaborator, he prefers to be known as a "creative force" rather than a person. In fact, Phosphorous is a versatile game industry artist who works in Kirkland, Washington. While appearing to reside in Toad Hall, his rustic woodsy hermitage, Phosphorous actually dwells within a universe of his own devising.

What is Digital Eel?

Digital Eel is a group of three fellows who while embracing the requirements of the game industry at large seek a fresh, more creative and humbler path to game design happiness. Digital Eel's next project for Cheapass Games is a hybrid space adventure, strategy and combat game. It is in its playtesting phase at this time and should be released in a month or two. (Update: This game has been finished and released. It's called Strange Adventures in Infinite Space and you can learn all about it here.)

Who or what is Cheapass Games?

Cheapass Games has been creating and distributing Origin award winning card and board games for nearly a decade. Their philosophy revolves around the notion that board games are simply too expensive for the average gamer to afford. Cheapass games cost from $3 to $7 and are available at nearly every hobby store and game shop in the US and Great Britain.

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Reviews of Plasmaworm on gaming websites.

The Underdogs:
"Plasmaworm is definitely a must-have for every arcade fan, and well worth the $10 price tag for the registered version."

The Underdogs awarded Plasmaworm the Top Dog award:

Click here for the full review.

"There are very few instances where classic games are redone well enough to warrant a download. Even large companies can't quite do it right. With spectacular graphics and dead-on controls, not to mention an added gameplay element, Plasmaworm succeeds."

Tucows awards Plasmaworm the maximum of Five Cows!

Click here for the full review.

World Village:

Plasmaworm was featured as World Village's Download Of The Day (7/13/2001)

Click here for more.

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Holy Crap, this reminds me of the chem trips I took a couple years ago! Awesome! Finally, something to do at work. Keep it right up!
- Shades

It rocks...Great little game...almost as addictive as Deadly Rooms of Death.
- Siftland

Phunkee, very. I like it and I'd recommend that you like it too. Go on! Like it! Like it, dammit! Seriously...very cool.
- Turtle1776

Downloaded, been playing and having fun!...That last level is crazy :) I played through (the demo) on normal... not sure I'm up for playing on hard if it moves much faster - it's unforgiving enough on normal - but I'll give it a bash if I'm feeling masochistic :)
- Shadowcat

Ahhh.....Back to the basics. I'm awful at this. On the second level I got too dizzy to play after my 100'th or so death by smacking into my own pulsating butt.
- Idiotbox

Great game! I'm addicted to playing that very same thing (basically) in the cell phone, and now with sounds, music, and pretty k3wl graphics!
- Levyathan

Curiously addictive, even though the swirling, strobing plasma graphics will be the death of countless thousands of epileptics. Nice work!
- Grundbegriff

(The) game rules! At such a small download for a demo, it's great! Great music, psychadelic plasma acceleration balls, wierdly throbbing plasmaworm...Great stuff...
- Naartjie

Hehe, now I have a plasmaworm to torment. Bump...head into the wall!
- Einherjer

Whee! Plasmaworm is fun Good game...
- d0om

Great fun and very addictive...Love those ducks.
- CyberFish

It's a top dog at the Home of the Underdogs! I'd like to point out that I'm fully responsible for its user score by being the first to vote on it.
- Dave Angel

Just played plasmaworm (I know, I'm late...) and I frickin' suck at it. It's fun though Excellent work!
- Agent Monkeysee rocks, pity I haven't got any money, alnmost tempted to buy the proper version...anyone who hasn't downloaded it yet should. (/me goes around telling random people to download it) PS: Tell Iikka Airquake still rocks
- uhszombie

Wow. This is the best version of that damn snake game I've ever played!
- PraetorJudis

I like the ducks...
- Greg Goodrich, Gray Matter Studios

2 elite veteran game developers join together to revive old-skool arcade gaming: the stuff legends are made of! =)
- Moonbender

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PlasmaWorm is copyright 2001 R. Carlson, I. Keranen and Phosphorous.
Distributed by Cheapass Games